Presenting at GRS: Towards an efficient underdamped heat engine

I was at the Gordon Research Seminars (GRS) in Ventura,CA, presenting our latest work demonstrating an underdamped stochastic heat engine. The T-dS diagram demonstrates a full engine cycle for the underdamped oscillator Schematic of the Stirling Engine Cycle we implemented These are hot-out of the oven results from the Millen Lab - so watch this … Continue reading Presenting at GRS: Towards an efficient underdamped heat engine

Event-Based Imaging of Levitated Microparticles

Check out our new ArXiv pre-print on detecting levitated microspheres using event based cameras. Abstract. Event-based imaging is a neurmorphic detection technique whereby an array of pixels detects a positive or negative change in light intensity at each pixel, and is hence particularly well suited to detecting motion. As compared to standard camera technology, an … Continue reading Event-Based Imaging of Levitated Microparticles

Back in the lab!

After more than 3 months of separation I am reunited with The Ion Trap. I would give it a hug if it was appropriate... Great work by James and Katie for trapping the particle. Now i get to play with it... what to do? Hhhmmm...Ah yes! calibrate🤔