Physics Research

My research in experimental physics comprises of working with two platforms, namely levitated electromechanics and optomechanics. Both these experimental apparatus form the basis for exploring questions in macroscopic quantum physics, quantum and nanothermodynamics, sensing and metrology.

STEM Outreach & Communication

Aspiring to inspire, engage and disseminate Science to the public. Check out all the fun outreach activities that I have been fortunate to be part of.

Arts & Science

Invariably, the aim of science is to come to some sort of objective agreement on natural laws, but alas, it is tainted with the underlying human expression for truth and beauty. Thus, science becomes an art-form, expression of a scientist’s deepest desires and search for understanding.

Scientific Consultancy

I have worked with various organisations both in industry and media. Specifically, focussing on my speciality in lasers, optics, optomechanics and quantum mechanics.