I am an experimental physicist, working towards building novel experiments in search of macroscopic quantumness and weak forces in nature.

Optomechanical interfaces of Quantum Mechanics & Gravity

I had the pleasure of being part of the UniKORN committee that organised a panel discussion last week on the question of optomechanical interfaces as a tool to test Quantum Mechanics & Gravity. For over a century, physicists have grappled with the apparent conflict between Gravity and Quantum mechanics. Specifically, our inability to come up … Continue reading Optomechanical interfaces of Quantum Mechanics & Gravity

Back in the lab!

After more than 3 months of separation I am reunited with The Ion Trap. I would give it a hug if it was appropriate… Great work by James and Katie for trapping the particle. Now i get to play with it… what to do? Hhhmmm…Ah yes! calibrate🤔

Lindau Online Meetings

I have been deeply honoured to be accepted to attend the Lindau Online Science Days 2020; alongside hundreds of talented scientists and economists from around the world. Check out the imppressive and aspirational aims of Lindau below on their website.

What I Do…


I use levitated systems to study macroscopic quantum mechanics but also ultra-weak force/torque sensing. I use both optomechanical and ion trapping techniques (electromechanics) to realise these goals.


If I can build it from scratch, i know that thing truly. With this ethos I organise and develop novel hands-on workshops to excite and inspire children and adults towards STEM subjects.


I am an experienced tutor, with over a decade of experience in teaching students from KS1 up to degree level. I predominantly specialise in maths and science students.


I love to talk physics. To this end I never give up the opportunity to talk about science in general, the science we do in the lab or simply talk quantum mechanics!


I currently serve as the chairman of Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association (AMRA). A highly multidisciplinary organisation working in generating collaborations, and promoting research-careers amongst the muslim youth.

Youth Work

I have worked as a youth leader within the Ahmadiyya muslim youth Association (AMYA) in the past for many years. And more recently provide pastoral and educational support to youth members as and when required. I also also deeply passionate about youth societies/clubs in the UK.


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